Vintage Gray



Water-based Taupe-Grey solid paint. Multi-step finishing process exhibiting a low degree of variation.

Availability: 5-7 business days For Wood Samples only

Product details Product Code: CC17VG

Vintage Grey – Painted finish 100% water-based and 100% non-toxic. Neutral Grey leaning towards the Taupe color family has a blue and green hues certain lighting and accent wall paint can make this finish look different. Vintage Grey is a classic and timeless grey ideal for classic furniture styles.

Vintage Grey goes in pair with Pewter and Bronze accessories as well. Bianco Satinato and Solid white make excellent two-tone pairs for collections like Ventianni or New York.

Beech is a high-density straight wood which may vary in color from light blonde to orange or soft red. The grain pattern presents unique features like “bird eye”, “fiddle back” curly lines or light speckles. It is the nature and beauty of solid wood to vary in appearance and characteristics for no two trees are alike. Wood swatches, color samples, pictures or other marketing materials are an accurate, reasonable but not exact representation of the actual furniture and finish you will receive.