Quality means doing it right when nobody is watching

Romina makes no compromise in the pursuit of absolute quality in baby furniture. There is no easier way of doing something right other than doing it with passion and commitment. As consumers of products of all kinds, we seldom get to see how a vegetable is grown, how a service is created, how a product is made, or what it is made of and who made it. Just like life itself, manufacturing is a journey where the product we create will find a home and starts another journey and becomes part of a loving family. Our journey starts with the selection of woods, all harvested with regards to the generations to whom we are creating the furniture. We then utilize the best technologies and employ most passionate people to hand select and handle the wood thru various mechanical transformations where this natural material gets shape and color and purpose. We set standards and always challenge them assure our furniture will not only provide you with pride and satisfaction but provide the same for your children and grand children as well. Our investment goes beyond numbers and margins, it’s rather emotional and there is no greater satisfaction than to know our hard work creates a safe home for Nature’s most precious gift, your baby. Here are a few things you might want to know about our furniture.

How it's Made



Nature has blessed us with many colors and shapes and sizes and flavors of all kinds. It is this diversity that makes Earth such an amazing planet and keeps the ecosystems balanced. All plants are unique and beautiful in their own ways, just like our children are all unique and beautiful in their own ways. Nature has made trees different too. Some trees grow faster, some slower, some wider some taller. Some trees go thru season changes and some stay the same year round.

European Beech trees grow in temperate continental climate and go thru seasonal changes and growth. Like all species in the hardwood family it takes a long time to grow to maturity which is generally at around 30 years of age (just like an a typical Millennial). At maturity it reaches 50-80 feet in height with robust trunks with a broad, spreading canopy. It is the slow growth rate that allows for the wood to harden and have an increase density as opposed to softer woods like Pine or Poplar. Our wood suppliers harvest these trees under strict supervision and in compliance with the environmental requirements for preserving and replenishing the harvested forests. For each Beech tree exploited, 5 others are being planted in the same area.


How it's Made



All lumber resulted in the initial harvesting process undergoes a non-chemical drying stage to eliminate excessive moisture within the wood and strengthen the wood

The wood boards are placed onto special ventilation racks which are moved to large climate control rooms. Hot dry air is applied for a calculated period of time and surface moisture is extracted and condensed. When the wood surface dries out, hot steamed air is pushed in to open up the pores and allow more moisture to come out and be trapped. Unlike Radiata Pine or other non-refractory (will split easily) softwoods  drying time cannot be altered. Beech species is part of the hardwood family with a low moisture density and depending on the thickness of the boards this drying process can take up to several months.

The preserve the mechanical and environmental resistance of the wood grain, the optimal moisture content will be measured to be a relative 6 to 8%. Upon reaching this stage, the wood is then calibrated and only now begins the manufacturing process where machines and people will mold it into a design.

How it's Made



With the optimum moisture content assured, wood board begin their mechanical transformation. Highly trained wood connoisseurs visually inspect ALL boards, identify and sort these based on grain patterns, uniformity and consistency. Boards that show structural weakness are put aside to be used for furniture components with low or no structural importance. All lumber that passed the initial selection process is then sorted again on size and grain variation for different types of operations or components.

Wood then goes through the calibration process where edges are straightened surface consistency increased and when it’s ready, it goes through high-performance equipment which performs cuts to specific size shape.


How it's Made



Computer operated machines are being used by highly trained specialists who perform a  wide range of mechanical transformations. Beech blocks and boards go thru successive processing stages where design features are carved into wood. Structural joints get tension points calculated, assembly points drilled and curves defined. Major components who react to environmental stress (expansion and shrinkage) receive expansion gaps.

We have purposely designed this stage of the manufacturing process to allow precision technology to perform most operations simply because technological tolerance is insignificant when compared to the human error or level or variation. When this step is completed, all components are re-evaluated by another team of wood artisans who looks for design and structural consistency. Some of the wooden components will go thru another round of calibration and cut correction continuing their “furniture journey”.

It takes fire to make steel. Wood may not do when in fire but it does take a lot of fiery passion and knowledge but also hard work work to give purpose to Nature’s gifts.

How it's Made



Once completing the initial mechanical transformation, all components will reach the Assembly Department. Teams of skilled artisans will start the beautiful process that finally starts too reveal it’s purpose. Wooden parts now become furniture, we can see corners posts and inner frame and crib sides and drawer fronts being assembled. This process involves few technologies but lots of love the trade. Furniture parts are assembled using adhesives and metal screws/nails. Each structural component will have at least 2 fastening means to assure that it will last a lifetime and beyond.

The picture on the right shows corner posts from the Nerva Collection. Yes, you probably thought this is a random photo taken off the the internet but there is nothing random in our passion for wood and our genuine desire to bring Nature close to your family and wood to be part of your family.

How it's Made



All Romina doors and drawers feature German-made hardware systems. Glides and hinges are made of zinc-plated anti-corrosive steel, permanently lubricated and load reinforced. These systems are equipped with a hydraulic soft-closing mechanism, full extension, anti-detachment and adjustment features. Does it sound fancy enough already?

Well, these are not only fancy and cool, they are designed for maximum functionality, unsuitability, safety and longevity. The hydraulic soft-closing feature is guaranteed for 80,000 cycle (approx 73. years) and hinges offer a 120 degree opening and 360 degrees adjustment option to correct. Glides feature a one-piece steel track and when installed they can hold up to 30 Kg (66 lbs) weight. Drawers also feature anti-detachment, dual-height correction and safe-close features to make them the very best technology available, by far the best.

If you ever dreamed about drawers that sound like the ocean waves when you open and close them, dream no more, you have found them.

How it's Made



Color is the essence of life. We think it is the essence of love too. The finish process is the laborious one that could not be done without passion. All furniture goes thru a 10-step finishing process where staining/painting and sanding alternate to obtain perfect consistency and appearance.

When the finishing process is complete, the drawers are then mounted, the tops and the backings and then it reaches the Packaging department where it is made ready for the long journey across a continent and an ocean.

So when you open that box and you see your Romina furniture for the first time, know that somebody along the way has invested lots of work and lots of passion to get the wood to that shape and color and to make sure it arrives to you in good condition. We hope that you and your family will enjoy Romina furniture for many generations and with equal parts of care and love, we guarantee that the furniture will last you forever.

And yes, the wood posts you see a couple of images above are the ones you see on the dresser pictured on the right.


How it's Made
How it's Made
How it's Made
How it's Made