Health is the Greatest Wealth

Sometimes, the things you cannot see, are the most important… 

Baby furniture comes in many flavors and shapes and colors and your baby’s crib will be their first home. Yes, it has to look good but is especially important to pay attention to what’s in the furniture as well. Our pursuit of perfection is goes beyond appearance, durability and functionality. We start the manufacturing process by carefully selecting the healthiest materials Mother Nature has to offer, then using the latest technologies and innovations we give them purpose and shape and last but not least, sprinkle them up with our passion and enthusiasm for quality. There are no magic formulas for healthy product other than selecting healthy ingredients so it is rather elementary that one who seeks to determine a product quality must look no further than what that product is made of. You’ll be happy to find out what’s in your Romina furniture and thrilled to find out what’s not in it.  Health is the type of commodity that you come to appreciate only when you do not have it so to provide the best environment for your child and your family to thrive, here’s some information about Romina furniture and about your baby furniture in general.





Most of the exposure to toxic chemicals occurs not by direct contact but by breathing contaminated air: the chemical pollutants come from materials used in everyday products, things we utilize or consume. Some toxic components are present in all air because of industrial activity or transportation but studies show that indoor air is actually 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outdoor environment. Given that most people spend a majority of their time indoors and especially children and infants, it is very important to assure that her/his furniture does not have any toxic emissions. All Romina baby cribs and dressers are GREENGUARD Gold Certified and periodically tested in a sealed chamber where air quality and its chemical composition is analysed. This standard and its rigorous testing process exceeds all mandatory testing procedures including ASTM, California Proposition 65 and CPSC 16CFR1219. Products that have achieved GREENGUARD Certification are scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous third-party chemical emissions standards, helping to reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure.





All Romina furniture is made with 100% solid wood. Beech trees are harvested in full compliance with Environmental stipulations and with great consideration to the renewal and preservation of natural balance . The lumber is then processed by expert mill workers seeking to maximize the wood mass utilized from each tree trunk. Wood boards go through a non-chemical steaming and drying techniques to reduce moisture content and prepare it for the manufacturing process. The numerous steaming and drying stages add strength and resistance to the wood grain just like fire strengthens the steel. The wood then goes through many mechanical transformations where boards are calibrated, grain patterns evaluated and sorted to go into the cutting department without the use of any chemicals. There is no Particle Board, MDF or any type of inferior wooden products used in the manufacturing of our furniture so nothing “un-natural” is being added to the wooden structure. All our wood is taken from Nature to be given to Nature’s most precious creation: your Baby.






All Romina furniture is finished with paints and stains that contain ZERO components that could be toxic to an infant or adult person. All our finishes have organic stains and pigments and because all furniture is finished the old fashion way, we do not need to use solvents and other chemicals to harden the final lacquer. There are 3 finish categories used on Romina products: water-based stains, water-based paints and clear lacquer and organic oil washes. All our finishes exceed the Consumer Product Safety Commission standards furthermore they are GREENGUARD Certified and periodically tested by UL Independent Laboratories. You may be disappointed not to find Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Lead or other VOCs in our furniture but we think sometimes “less is more”. Water-based finishes do not require “baking” so there is no off-gassing or toxic odours when the furniture is new and just out of the box. Should these chemicals and VOCs be important to you, there are plenty of Asian imports that will offer them in abundance.






Our glue used in the manufacturing of drawer boxes, wood panels, convertible cribs, classic cribs and all case goods which require adhesive as fastener, is organic and non-toxic. Unlike most other types of glues, ours does not contain artificial bonding agents or benzene-based solvents, no VOCs and no Formaldehyde. The sap is harvested from certain tree species where the bond coefficient is superior (generally resinous species) then goes through several thermal processes where it is diluted, condensed and then liquefied. Organic glues have shown a superior bond durability and are less vulnerable to environmental condition variations as compared to synthetic glues. There is only one drawback: organic glues require a longer drying/hardening time but we think you might not mind the extra wait knowing that you picked out the best for your family. Organic is Good for you!






Yes, you have probably seen a lot of manufacturers painting the inside of the drawers or covering the bottom with some veneer, contact paper or fancy looking fabric. Sometimes these coverings may look very nice but your clothes surely do not appreciate this. The inside of the furniture does not get the same type of ventilation as the exterior sides so wood should and must be allowed some “breathing” room. Contact paper, plastic, polyurethane or textile elements will likely need some ventilation too. so wonder no more when your shirt smells funky in the other dresser that you purchased from Sweden’s favorite furniture store. If it doesn’t smell good, it’s not good for you. All our furniture is made of solid wood, no substitutes and no fine print.