Don’t Blow it! Good planets are hard to find…

Romina is a great advocate of environmental conservation and our entire manufacturing activity takes place with regards to our beautiful planet. We believe that offering future generations the best furniture is not enough as long as we don’t make everything in our powers to preserve their environment as well.
From Sustainable harvesting to renewable energy production, we are actively involved in recycling and conservation activities. Sustainable wood harvesting is not a slogan, it is a common sense practice of making sure that the same generations that you’re trying to help, will have an environment to help them as well. We have gladly implemented Eco-certification requirements for our wood suppliers as well as recycling and energy waste policies at our manufacturing plant near Bucharest, Romania. Last but not least, we are proudly manufacturing clean bio-fuel (Ethanol) from renewable sources. Yup, that’s very clean!




It is our choice to follow all the voluntary European Eco-friendly Treaties as well as certification requirements in effect. We request all our suppliers to provide certification of environmental compliance. Our Beech lumber is thus harvested in a sustainable fashion from European forests in compliance with the European Treaty for Forest Re-Harvesting which stipulates that 5 new beech trees must be planted for each one harvested. It is worth mentioning leafy forests such as oaks, beech, redwoods or aspens produce most of Earth’s oxygen while soft woods like pine or poplar do not have a major impact on the Oxygen content in the atmosphere. Studies show that trees in a Pinaceae family consume almost as much Oxygen as they produce. Leafy trees as well as most tree species produce more Oxygen in their growing stages before reaching maturity because they convert soil and air into the much loved O2 that we like to breathe. When a pine tree reaches maturity around the age of 7, it had produced and insignificant amount of Oxygen as compared to a Beech or Oak tree which only reaches maturity around the age ot 23-25 years. Yeah, that’s an awesome breath of fresh air (and information), isn’t it?




Our engineers use experience and the most sophisticated software applications to determine the optimal size and specifications for all wood boards and components. These measurements are then forwarded to our wood suppliers who in turn harvest trees to maximize the volume of wood extracted from a tree truck thus minimizing waste in the harvesting stage. Wood waste is inherent in the manufacturing process when design features, angles and shapes are cut into boards and blocks of wood yet, all waste is being converted into bi-products used in the packaging stage and/or  converted into energy in our wood operated furnace generators. Eastern European winters can be long and cold when temperatures drop below Zero Fahrenheit so all wood waste is put to good use. If you add that wood has a higher caloric power than natural gas, we call this formula a Winner.




We make a concerted effort to reduce our environmental footprint thru recycling and efficient use of resources. Each step of the way in the manufacturing process we are focused on reducing the use of materials, energy and resources. It is rather common sense that producing furniture with a long life and usage expectancy reduces the consumption of disposable products. Longevity and multi-functionality are the foundation on which our entire operations rests.

Common practice like paper and cardboard recycling is fully implemented. Energy saving procedures are in place in all production stages. Recently, we developed the 3-side printing: front, back and on the edge of the paper!!! Yes, this was a joke, we have not tried to print on the side of a paper sheet here’s something that it’s not a joke: Beech forests are the only leafy forests in the world which have experienced growth in the past 20 years thanks to the reforestation treaties in effect and thanks to manufacturers like Romina who do understand that we are inhabiting this planet for a short period of time. We must leave the place clean and in good condition for our children and our children’ children.




There are many shades of green when it comes to environmental initiatives and there are many ways to preserve the natural balance. The individual initiative often needs an equal amount of effort on behalf of manufacturers and Romina has lead the way in this field as well. Our green side does not limit to the amount of bags we have recycled or the many sheets of papers that were saved. We strive to make a lasting and substantial impact thru green energy production. Our sister company generates almost 80,000 tons of ethanol from corn and other organic renewable sources. Ethanol is an organic fuel obtain thru the process of distillation of starch and other products which does not generate any toxic fumes or emission thru the process of burning. This is the good stuff that your gas station will advertise on the pump (Contains 10% Ethanol). To put this in perspective, the amount of Ethanol we produce can fuel 3,000 cars for 1 year. Yup, that’s like providing fuel for all local transportation in Lake Tahoe, NV and that’s pretty awesome.





Sometimes it is the things you don’t see that matter the most. Our beautiful planet is made up of 118 chemical elements. Yes, there are just 118 different elements that make up Earth, it’s solid mass, the water and the atmosphere. Mother Nature as the creative and always surprising mother that she is, made sure to mix these chemical elements in the most interesting and different ways to create all the materials that surround us. Some of these materials are good to us and some are not. It is sometimes so interesting to know that materials that are so similar can be so different. Lead is almost identical to Gold but one will add sparkle and richness to your life while the other may take it away from you. We make sure to keep these chemicals where they belong and we keep away all those that are harmful for a child or adult person. Finishes are water-based, glues are organic and wood is well…organic too. Lead is not invited to our party but only when it is at the end of a fishing line.