Levi’s Bright Nursery – Imperio Collection


Levi’s nursery features our Imperio Collection dressed in the Distressed Grey finish with standard wood knobs. Gray is bold but not overwhelming, classic but not traditional, a true statement of sophistication. The hand distressing adds depth to the finish by revealing some white undertones and love how bright and seamless the other colors are incorporated into the space. Featured here the Imperio Crib paired with the Double Dresser and Nightstand.


You can add visual depth to your space by using many shades of the same color scheme. Levi’s nursery was designed around Grey, and White tones with textural elements expanding the base palette. Turquoise is the splash of color which breaks down the uniformity, without making the space overly masculine dark. The result = Gorgeous!


Functional placement wins. Rocking chairs are essential during the nursing stages so place it between crib and change station. Large furniture should be against the long walls without windows. Natural light is an essential element for child’s growth but also for space design.